At SunnyCor we have invested in state of the art CNC technology for our machine tools, and have a full range of manual support tools. We machine to precision tolerances of .0001. Our largest milling table size is 50″ x 20″.

NameX TravelY TravelSpindle Speed4th Axis5th AxisSpindle Probe
Fadal 502050"20"7500YesNoNo
Haas VF120"16"10000YesNoNo
Haas Super Mini Mill16"12"10000YesNoYes
Haas VF5SS50"26"12000YesNoYes
Haas Super Mini Mill16"12"15000YesNoYes
Haas Mini Mill16"12"6000NoNoYes
Haas VF2YT30"20"10000YesYesYes
Haas VF2SS30"16"12000YesNoYes